200 STEM Token Contest


Want to earn 200 STEM Tokens?

Create an original and unique post using https://stemgeeks.net and using the tags #technology or #science & #stemgeekscontest.

The subject is, what do you feel will be the next biggest scientific or technological breakthrough in the next 10 years.

The post needs to be original content and all non-CC0 images properly sourced and at least 500 words.

You can choose to write about a scientific breakthrough or a technological one. Use the appropriate #science or #technology tag accordingly.

The contest will go on for 7 days and you can make one unique entry per 24 hours.

Only entries with proper tags and 500+ words will be considered. Any plagiarism will immediately disqualify all your entries.

Good entries will be curated with the @stemcuration account and may receive votes from my account.

The contest ends at 6AM EST on November 18th, any entry received after that will not be considered.

Good luck!

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